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Allergy Relief

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Allergy Relief
Allergy Relief is not obtained by one particular service or product. Each situation is different and unique. Indoor allergies require different techniques than outdoor allergies to control, as well as, reactions to household cleaning chemicals.

3 Main Types of Allergy Contributors

Pollutants that have mass, such as: vehicle emissions, pollen, dust mite carcasses & feces, pet dander, cigarette smoke & candle char.

Biological material, living or dead, in the air, such as: bacteria, viruses, mold spores and fungi. These materials could cause allergies or spread diseases.

V.O.C.s – (Volatile Organic Compounds)
The gas state of chemicals. In your home they come from household materials and cleaning products. V.O.C.’s are released from: paints, perfumes, plastic, furniture & carpets and glue to name only a few.

Properly addressing this combination of problems proves to be extremely challenging for most home owners. Our “Allergy Relief” specialists will be able to walk you through the step by step processes needed to relieve your allergy symptoms. Depending on your family’s specific situation, we will accurately and effectively be able to provide a truly Healthy Home!

Tips For Keeping An Allergy Free Home:

  •  Vacuum your floors on a regular basis. Vacuuming every day may be necessary.
  •  Have your vacuum cleaner serviced regularly to maintain a healthy filter system and maximum performance.
  •  Regular professional carpet cleaning will keep kill dust mites and bacteria. Even having your tile & grout cleaned will aid to relief from allergy symptoms.
  •  Adding a central vacuum system proves to be the most effective way to remove allergens from inside the home
  •  Cleaning your hardwood floors regularly with Bona-Kemi products will remove dust and keep your flooring clean