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We Service All Major Brands of Central Vacuum

The service and maintenance of your central vacuum system will keep it working at peak performance. While our service technicians are on-site, they will check the overall condition of the motor and electronics in the central vacuum unit. After that, they will service and clean any and all filters in the central vacuum unit. Once the unit is serviced and cleaned, our technicians will go to each inlet in the house and check to make sure that each inlet cover is working correctly and that all piping lines are functioning properly and are free of clogs. The final step during our central vacuum cleaning and service is to check your existing hose, tools and accessories to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

The Right Power Unit

There are different power units depending on the square footage of the home. Without the proper power unit, the central vacuum system wont be as efficient as possible. This can be determined by the BEAM certified central vacuum installers from Hillsborough Vacuum in NJ.

The Right Accessories

Along with the proper power unit, the proper accessories are just as important. This depends on the type of flooring that you may have in your home. Hillsborough Vacuum in NJ carries 3 main accessory kits that will suit almost any cleaning situation.

Proper Installation

The most important part of the central vacuum installation, is the installation itself. Using the proper fittings, with the proper runs , with the proper materials can make or break any central vacuum installation. The correct installation will also avoid future maintenance on the central vacuum system. Hillsborough Vacuum in NJ uses only standard ASTM pipe and fittings along with BEAM factory certified installers.