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Professional Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

A lot of homes today have hardwood flooring that needs attention as well. Hillsborough Vacuum is proud to offer dustless hardwood floor cleaning and restoration as part of our “Total Cleaning Solutions”. Why should your hardwood flooring receive any less care than other surfaces in your home? Hillsborough Vacuum’s trained technicians can get your hardwood floors looking like new in no time. This procedure can be used on solid and engineered hardwood flooring!

Most homeowners think that the only way to re-finish a hardwood flooring surface is for a complete “sand and refinish”. Most of the time this is not true. If the flooring is damaged from moisture that has caused warped planks or bowing of any planks than yes, a complete sand and refinsh is the answer. Scratches from pets, kids and furniture do not fall in this catagory. The finish on your floor was designed to keep these scratches in the finish only to protect the wood. Lucky for you, the simple solution is a scrub and recoat which is a fraction of the cost of a complete sand and refinish.

Pre-Inspection: First we will asses the current condition of your hardwood flooring to determine if this is the right solution for your floors. There is no staining or sanding involved in this cleaning service. Expectations will be discussed and outlined on your quote.

Move Furniture: Included in our service is the removal and replacement of most movable furniture. Our technicians will carefully handle larger objects that rest on the floor.

*Before arrival please remove smaller items as well as breakables from the area to be cleaned

Pre-Vacuum: After moving the furniture, we will thoroughly vacuum the entire surface to remove any solid debris from the flooring surface.

Deep Cleaning: Upon completion of the floor preparation, the technician will proceed to deeply scrub out all debris and soils from the hardwood surface. This step is done with a professional floor buffer and BonaKemi Professional Hardwood Floor Preparation Cleaner to achieve maximum soil removal. Trusted since 1919, Bona Kemi Professional Hardwood Cleaners are environmentally safe and bio-degradable.

Finish Prep: After the hardwood floor is thoroughly prepared, the next step in refinishing your hardwood floor is to prep the existing finish to receive a new polyurethane finish. This step uses an abrasive scrubbing pad under a commercial floor machine to remove any scratches or scuffs from the surface. This also creates an ideal surface for the new finish to adhere. We use state-of-the-art dust control equipment to ensure no dust becomes airborne.

New Finish Application: The final step in re-finishing your hardwood floors is to apply the new finish. Hillsborough Vacuum uses a variety of BonaKemi Floor finishes to suit your familys needs. Depending on the living conditions and the desired gloss level of the finish, we will determine which finish is best for you.


Hillsborough Vacuum uses the BonaKemi Swedish Formula Professional line of hardwood flooring products.

Deep cleans and restores the natural beauty of polyurethane finished hardwood floors only.

BonaKemi Professional Flooring products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Not for waxed hardwood floors.